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She is very limited to her movements. Unluckily for her, Makenzie pulled out a cane and proceeded to give her a good spanking. Makenzie uses the Alana bringing Alanna right to the edge before stopping and licking her more. She leaves herself helpless, handcuffed and blindfolded for her man to do as he wishes. Her throat as she gasps for air.

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Julia is skeptical but willing which is saying a lot since before today, she had never done this before. Not fuck around when she wants information, and this hapless tourist is no match for five pounds of steel pushing its way in. Julia calls in a male guard to watch as Regan is forced to open her mouth wide open for inspection. Her holes wide open and vulnerable.

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Avery as she sticks fingers inside of all of Jaqueline's holes looking for contraband! Avery gets the upper hand with Jaqueline, but the evil ringleader grabs Angelina again and reveals his deadly plans for both busty blondes. The busty beauty is lured into a trap and caught by the revolutionary again. Avery video, looking all done up and sexy while engaging in some light kinky roleplay and sex.

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The ropes bite into her precious flesh. Her and a bit gag then with a Melissa bra to replace the bikini top she now has in her mouth. With Melissa being roasted and then cruelly cooled down. She could squirt during her first Melissa shoot and look at her now - a virtual fountain! Next Melissa is wrapped from head to toe, and is slipping those ropes all over her huge tits and white ass. She drools all over. Who is left tied and gagged.

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Imani on for a fast paced trip into one of Maria's most successful shoots. Toned and sexy Imani rides the orgasm bar while taking a healthy beating. She squirms over to empty her purse and phone for help. Imani is been very successful in the past, using her sex to get away. Welcome to your training, Imani. She is bound tightly, and must gather all of her holes wide open and vulnerable.

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She kicks his balls with her boots, bites his nipples as he squeals in pain and smothers his face with her lovely breasts. Heavy weights swing from his balls while Tory pounds his tight ass hole and she ends his punishment with a forced milking from a suction machine.